Kirsten Fischer, Director of Marketing – The Melting Pot Restaurant
Carole Hicks is one connected woman. She was integral in helping me establish a strong social media presence for The Melting Pot Restaurant in the Dayton market.

– Without an existing network in this area, I leaned on Carole heavily to help me establish roots.
– She promptly helped pulled together a Girls’ Night Out event that involved other vendors with a prominent social media presence, giving the restaurant a perfect avenue to grow our fledgling network quickly and effectively to the perfect target demographic.

Ron Campbell — President — U! Creative

I’m a firm believer that a true social networking marketing leader must possess 4 key attributes.

1 — They must be inherently a Social person outside the web to begin.
2 — They must be passionate to the point of infectious as it relates to rallying behind products they represent.
3 — They must be trustworthy, as mass influence can only occur when mass can trust the evangelist. And…
4 — They must have played in both the advertising and corporate playgrounds to understand the various dynamics in play.

Carole embodies all of these traits and is the most savvy person I’ve met in the Social Networking landscape. Marketing Leader… Tastemaker… Cheerleader… Ambassador… when you enlist her capabilities you are guaranteed to move the needle and connect with consumers in a way your brand has yet to be engaged!

David E. BowmanLUCRUM
Picture 4
Carole Hicks is a natural when it comes to understanding and leveraging social media. She is creative, passionate, honest, helpful, and full of positive energy – all of which serve her well in an interconnected world.

Casey KurutzSlimPerfect
Picture 6
Carole is nothing short of a phenomenal social marketer and net-worker and truly knows how to spread the word about products, individuals and businesses…She took terrific pictures modeling our garments, wrote a great article and posted it on her sites…but she didn’t stop there. She ALSO took the time to create two videos wearing our garments and expressed how much she enjoys them…Carole did all of this without our asking her to, as well. She is a true go-getter and can spread the word about companies and products very quickly. She also promoted our product line on Blog Talk Radio with Debba Haupert, well-known Cincinnati radio personality. Recently, SlimPerfect was named “Best Brands for Swimwear” by O Magazine at Oprah.com. Carole took this information and spread the word very quickly through her social media networks. We truly appreciate all of her hard work and excitement!

If there is any doubt about using Carole to market your company, I can tell you that she will definitely promote your company to her fullest ability, gaining you more exposure than you could imagine. She has so many social outlets where she is very well known and respected that will greatly help brand your company, generate BIG buzz and gain new customers for you. I truly can’t say enough about Carole personally and professionally!

Dr. Gregory A. GoffeGoffe Chiropractic

I find Carole’s enthusiasm, energy and natural networking ability to be a great benefit in using the potential of social media in spreading our message of health and wellness through a chiropractic lifestyle. She brings both a solid understanding of emerging trends in social media plus a personal passion to assist those she is helping. That’s a powerful combination!

I have known Carole for several years, and I have continued to be impressed by her personal integrity and character. Carole and OH! Social get two thumbs up!

Lani MuelrathThe Fitness DreamMaker
Picture 3
Carole makes a great teammate when it comes to storming ideas. Her enthusiasm and honest perspective are appreciated, and having the conversation made a difference with processing some of the details about a new product I am launching soon. Carole’s infectious enthusiasm spreads motivation like wildfire – both live and online!


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