To: New Media Dayton – Thank You Letter


I just want to thank you and all of the wonderful people in the New Media Dayton community for providing the clothing that we just delivered to the Dayton Gospel Mission through your Pajama Drama. You absolutely made a difference in some needy lives. I sincerely appreciate the synergy of combing your efforts with our Thanks for Giving program to make a very special delivery downtown this week.

I have posted a quick note and video with some pictures of the mission on my FB page. Thank again giving to our community, and Merry Christmas to all!!

Dr. Gregory A. Goffe
“From Pain Relief to Wellness Care”


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New Media Dayton Gives Back – “Pajama Drama” Project

New Media Dayton launched last Saturday with a meetup at The Pub (at The Greene). Overwhelmingly and enthusiastically, it was decided that while it is all well and good (and FUN) to have get-togethers to share info and network…we really need to find a way to harness the power (the gift!) of social media and give back to our community. (Huge thanks to Leigh Caraciolli for putting into words what has been brewing into many of our hearts!)

I woke up the next morning wondering how to bring this idea into being. Ideas are a dime a dozen, but making them a reality is a different story! I wanted to find a project we could jump into that already had legs and not try to invent something new…in other words, find a worthwhile community project that was already established.

Later that day I found myself at the chiropractor — Dr. Goffe — in Centerville, looking at a flyer on his wall that said “Thanks for Giving to our Community…Dayton Gospel MIssion is in need of the following items…” and I thought PERFECT! I told Dr. G that New Media Dayton is looking for a project to jump into for Thanksgiving holiday time and he volunteered to let us join in on the drive and use his office as a drop-off point. Another reason this seemed perfect to me is that years ago I visited the DG Mission and wanted to find a way to get involved but ended up being pulled in another direction. This downtown Dayton Mission has been around for a long time and is a light in our community.

Allison showing pajamas purchased at Target

A couple of years ago, Chaplain Ken gave me a tour of the soup kitchen and the warehouse where they store food to give out. They have been hit especially hard this year with needs from families and children as our economy shifts and the cost of food only goes up and jobs have been harder and harder to come by. (Besides food, they also give new hats, gloves, pajamas and other items to families in need.)

So here’s where YOU come in. I challenge you to round up support from your co-workers, your family and/or your church community to round up as many BRAND NEW PAJAMAS FOR CHILDREN — I’m calling it “Pajama Drama”. (Click here to read the story behind the project.) Using social media tools round up as much drama and support to amaze and encourage Dayton Gospel Mission with NEW PAJAMAS.

WHEN: December 10th is deadline for collection of pajamas.

WHERE (several options):
(1) Drop off during business hours at Goffe Chiropractic Center, 387 Regency Ridge Dr., Dayton 45459
(2) Bring with you to the Dayton Connect Happy Hour at Madison’s on Thurs/Dec 3rd at 5:30 PM
(3) Drop off during business hours at Lucid Salon — 35 E. Mulberry, Lebanon

Note: Contact me if you want to volunteer your place of business for a drop off location.

WHAT: Brand new (not used!) childrens’ pajamas for kids ages 1 through 16.

If you have ideas on how to make this project even better, please let me know. Please be creative! Use all your social media skills and tools to make this a success. I can’t do this myself…and I don’t want to! Come on and shine…make this first give-back project AWESOME!

New Media Dayton -- Thanks for Giving!

Robin Gentry McGee dropping off warm, new pj's at Goffe Chiropractic

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New Media Dayton Event 11/14/09 – My Two Cents

HUGE THANK YOU TO Paula Ivins — owner of Lucid Salon in Lebanon, Ohio — for sponsoring the event! Also huge thanks to The Beavercreek Pub at The Greene — you made us feel welcome and treated us like British royalty. You rock!

I don’t have a head-count yet, but the group of people that attended last night’s New Media Dayton event at The Beavercreek Pub filled up the patio room. I was shocked. You know how sometimes you plan something but you don’t really know until the event takes place if anyone will actually come. To see all photos from event, view Flickr photo stream located on the right-hand side of this page. Go to my Twitter page and view “NewMediaDayton-IRL” list to view complete list of people who attended (who are on Twitter).

New Media Dayton 2009 - The Pub at Beavercreek / The Greene

New Media Dayton 2009 packs the patio room at The Pub / The Greene

Why was the turnout so spectacular? I think the reason is a word we use a lot in the advertising/marketing world — BUZZ. There was a lot of buzz leading up to the event. The base of the buzz has been going for two years now, started by Community Manager & Leader for New Media Cincinnati — Daniel Johnson, Jr. This awesome, humble guy has been selflessly dedicated to community building for two solid years. As someone who likes to chase “shiny things” I am in awe of him for sticking with this, all this time WITHOUT PAY. Someone really ought to hire this guy! Any company looking to get involved in social media needs to start with a Community Manager and this guy is doing a bang up job. (Climbing down off soap box now.)

Secondly, the people of Dayton who are the power-players in Social Media — Chris Celek, Gina Kay, Duane Myers, Jeff Zaret — all enthusiastically promoted the event and never once did I hear any of them ask “what’s in it for me”. All of them “get” it. People like Kelley Tibbs, Mike Cornett and Bryan Suddith gave selflessly of their time to meet/talk and help plan beforehand.

Guest Host, Bryan Suddith talking to Jeff Zaret

Bryan Suddith (Guest Host) and Jeff Zaret

I’m hearing lots of great feedback…people telling me what a great time they had…telling me that they felt it was a huge success. I’m super pleased myself and I’m so encouraged by the sheer number of people and the fact that people I admire and adore (but haven’t met IRL until last night) showed up — Amanda Hite, Leigh Caraciolli and Nicole Walls. When they walked in the room they lit up the place!
Amanda Hite, Leigh Caraciolli, me and Nicole Walls

Amanda Hite, Leigh Caraciolli, me and Nicole Walls


– What can we do to include more variety of people…more hipsters…people living in urban areas…people of all ages and backgrounds? Thanks to PreppyDude for bringing this up. (Would changing up location help or is keeping location static going to create consistency?)

– What are we doing to help our community? Leigh Caraciolli (FleurDeLeigh) spoke to this beautifully. So we get together and have a good time and congratulate each other and toss a drink back but what are we doing with this gift to give back?!

I’ve saved the “what went wrong” and “what I’ve learned for next time” for last:

1. A huge screw up was the U-stream thing. We were supposed to be streaming live and inviting people via Twitter to watch the event while it took place and we would read their tweets and answer questions live. I COMPLETELY FORGOT. I forgot. I was so caught up in the moment and giddy with excitement that this thing was really happening that I lost track of the technical stuff. Would someone please step forward and take ownership of this important piece?! I am an airhead and a socialite. My strength does not lie in technical stuff, unlike my hero, Daniel Johnson, Jr. Here is link to partial ustream video.

2. Have a full tank of gas in the car BEFORE the event. No one knows this, but as I left my house with NO TIME budgeted for getting gas, I seriously envisioned myself running out of gas on the side of the road on the way to The Pub, explaining to everyone that I had run out of gas. Very mature. That would have been horrifying for my “personal brand”.

3. Sound issues. Make sure we have a microphone that we can pass around that is not a very pricey and delicate, tiny, did I mention EXPENSIVE piece of equipment. I’m sure Mike was having a heart attack as it got handed to people over and over.

4. More sound issues. Dedicate a microphone and amp specifically so the people in the room can hear. It was often hard to hear some soft spoken individuals.

5. Face the camera when I talk. I totally had my back to the camera. Doh!

6. Assign someone to be the go-between to the out-side world. Someone to watch Twitter stream and U-stream comments and bring them to light so that we have interaction with those listening in.

All in all…what an awesome event! Can’t wait to do it again. We’ll take the month of December off. See you second Saturday of January. Same time/place. Be warned ahead of time…if you complain about anything, you will be put in charge of that area to make it better for next time! Ha! 😉

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BowlHer 2009 Video

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Social Media Policies from 82 Organizations

Social Media Policies: Click here.

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Pumpkin Patch Follow Five

Susan Powter
Roni’s Weigh
Dr. Goffe
Kelly Olexa
Fun Fit Family

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Answering the question “How do brands interact via Twitter?”

Here’s a great example of how one brand, Quaker Oats, is engaging with their customers via Twitter. As you can see by the image below, they are using their company name…added the word “talk” — easy solution.
Picture 19

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