Social Media 4 Newbies — Tips for Getting Started

March 25, 2010 at 10:56 pm Leave a comment

1. Determine what your purpose is for being in social media space. (Hint: Wrong answer is “because everyone else is.”)
2. Decide how you are going to measure your progress/success.
3. Begin creation of a Social Media Guidelines document to share with your employees/co-workers.
4. Listen: Spend time googling your company/brand and your competitors. Find out what conversation is going on already. Set up google alerts for your company/brand and your competitors. Set up a generic industry word. For example, if you sell pizza, set up a google alert for the word “pizza”.

5. Decide exact name you will use on Twitter for your company – limit is 15 characters. Use exact name for your Facebook page. Plan this out in advance for brand consistency. For example, Cassanos PIzza is CassanosPizza on Facebook as well as on Twitter.

6. If you are planning to begin with a personal Twitter page, use your real name, all one word with no spaces, underlines or numbers. (There are exceptions, of course, and this may not be an option if your name is taken already.)

• Be authentic
• Be kind
• Promote others
• Know that relationship is everything (my first social media mentor Liz Strauss drilled this in my head and she was spot on!)
• Give, give, give, give, give, give…then you may ask someone for a favor (thank you Gary V — author of “Crush It!”)
• Engage
• Offer original, creative and interesting content that adds value for your followers
• Listen and participate

Sign up.
• Use a close-up photo of your face for your profile. If you use a silly cartoon image or close-up of your eyeball, people will be less likely to follow you back.

• Fill out your profile info fully. Be sure to include URL link to your company or blog.
• Begin tweeting! Don’t worry about being new. We were all new to this once. Fill up the page. The only people who will see what you tweet are those who are “following” you. So, if you have no followers, you are in effect talking to yourself.

• Follow people you already know IRL (in real life).
• Follow @Carole_Hicks
• When you want someone in particular to see your tweet, you must include the @ sign before their Twitter name, or they will not see it. Do not put any punctuation marks before or after the name.

• You won’t fully understand the value of Twitter until you have a decent “village”. We recommend aiming for 100 followers/following to begin. Having said that, this is NOT about numbers. Anyone can buy followers with software. No one is impressed if you buy 20,000 followers. Build your stream organically (naturally).
• A fast track to gaining followers is to click on @Carole_Hicks followers and follow everyone she follows. Many of them will follow back quickly when they see you are friends with her.
• Promoting others builds social media cred. When someone says something worth repeating, retweet (RT) their post by copying it and including an RT at beginning of post.
• You are allowed 140 characters per post, but if you have info that may be retweeted, only use 130 to allow someone opportunity to RT.
• Use Twitter to drive traffic to your Facebook page or blog. Most URL’s are too lengthy. Use a shortner tool like (the website is just and does not have a dot com at the end)
• Budget your time. SM can be a time sink.
• Use a free tool like TweetDeck or Hootsuite to manage your tweets and save time.

DO NOT set up auto-responses to new followers or you will receive this from me:


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