Loreal – Are you Listening?

August 23, 2009 at 8:38 pm Leave a comment

Loreal, I hope you are listening because I have some valuable info that may help you enter into a whole new realm. Here’s the scoop. I was chatting on the phone today with my sister, Sue, who lives in another state. She and her hubby were driving to church and I was driving home from the grocery store with my newly acquired box of Loreal Hair Color. I explained to her that my loving husband would be applying it for me when I got home and she laughed and said that her hubby applies her hair color, too. We laughed about how “romantic” it is to have our husbands do that for us (in a kind of sarcastic way).

Anyhoo, I returned home and called my hubster into the bathroom where I was awaiting his presence. As he stood there trying hard to fit the tiny gloves over his large man hands I explained how I had talked to my sister Sue and her husband does her haircolor, too. We laughed together and THIS IS WHEN I HAD THE A-HA MOMENT! Loreal…do you know how many of your customers actually have their hubby’s apply their hair color? If you knew this, you might want to consider including another set of gloves in your package IN A LARGE SIZE FOR MEN.

What does this entire post have to do with social media you ask? Here’s the deal. I am going to get on Twitter and Facebook in a minute and send out a post to all my followers about Loreal hair color and the glove size. Within seconds / minutes, I will be having a conversation about the product and will hear feedback. Maybe. It depends who is online and who is reading my stuff today. Then again, Loreal, if you have your hashtag set up already, you will be following my conversation and others and gleaning valuable information/feedback from your customers. Convo to be continued.

Oh! And P.S. Now I’ve just revealed to the world that I color my hair. How’s THAT for authenticity?!
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