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Showing Erica that wordpress rocks.

Holding up a Wall


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Social Media Starter Package | Ltd Offer | $495 ($800 value)

Engage your customers…create a social media strategy now!

Word of Mouth - Powerful Marketing Channel!

With starting packages beginning at only $495, we will create a social media presence for you but most importantly, we will coach you and your staff on how to maximize and maintain your presence online. Dayton’s top social media consultant, Oh! Social, will coach you to maximize social media results for your business.

Signing up for social media outlets is not enough. You need to have a steady stream of information flowing out and a communication plan for engaging with your customers. We train you and your employees on how to cultivate and maintain your community.

Call 937 620 2320 to take one of the limited spots!

It’s a brave new business world! Join in now! Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs and other sites are the new driving force behind successful, growing companies and vibrant communities. Don’t be left out of the action!

– Have you found yourself saying “My competitor is online and I’m not!”?
– Have you Googled your business name lately?
– Do you know what your customers are saying about you online?
– Have you empowered your customer to spread the word about you online?

You have heard the success stories about social media marketing. You even know some of your top competitors are already there. But you can’t seem to find the time to get started. Don’t let that stop you.
Online in One Month — and for under $500!

Call 937 620 2320 to take one of the limited spots!

Delegate this crucial task to the top Dayton social media expert—Oh! Social. In less than 30 days, Oh! Social can put you in front of your audience, where they congregate: on social media.
Oh! Social’s $495 introductory package includes:

– Initial ½ hour phone or in-person discovery consultation
– Half hour (1/2) strategy consultation
– Create skins and branding for Twitter or Facebook pages
– Announce your social media presence
– Organically grow followers, fans and community advocates
– One (1) hour training and coaching session to empower

Call 937 620 2320 to take one of the limited spots!

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Social Media 4 Newbies — Tips for Getting Started

1. Determine what your purpose is for being in social media space. (Hint: Wrong answer is “because everyone else is.”)
2. Decide how you are going to measure your progress/success.
3. Begin creation of a Social Media Guidelines document to share with your employees/co-workers.
4. Listen: Spend time googling your company/brand and your competitors. Find out what conversation is going on already. Set up google alerts for your company/brand and your competitors. Set up a generic industry word. For example, if you sell pizza, set up a google alert for the word “pizza”.

5. Decide exact name you will use on Twitter for your company – limit is 15 characters. Use exact name for your Facebook page. Plan this out in advance for brand consistency. For example, Cassanos PIzza is CassanosPizza on Facebook as well as on Twitter.

6. If you are planning to begin with a personal Twitter page, use your real name, all one word with no spaces, underlines or numbers. (There are exceptions, of course, and this may not be an option if your name is taken already.)

• Be authentic
• Be kind
• Promote others
• Know that relationship is everything (my first social media mentor Liz Strauss drilled this in my head and she was spot on!)
• Give, give, give, give, give, give…then you may ask someone for a favor (thank you Gary V — author of “Crush It!”)
• Engage
• Offer original, creative and interesting content that adds value for your followers
• Listen and participate

Sign up.
• Use a close-up photo of your face for your profile. If you use a silly cartoon image or close-up of your eyeball, people will be less likely to follow you back.

• Fill out your profile info fully. Be sure to include URL link to your company or blog.
• Begin tweeting! Don’t worry about being new. We were all new to this once. Fill up the page. The only people who will see what you tweet are those who are “following” you. So, if you have no followers, you are in effect talking to yourself.

• Follow people you already know IRL (in real life).
• Follow @Carole_Hicks
• When you want someone in particular to see your tweet, you must include the @ sign before their Twitter name, or they will not see it. Do not put any punctuation marks before or after the name.

• You won’t fully understand the value of Twitter until you have a decent “village”. We recommend aiming for 100 followers/following to begin. Having said that, this is NOT about numbers. Anyone can buy followers with software. No one is impressed if you buy 20,000 followers. Build your stream organically (naturally).
• A fast track to gaining followers is to click on @Carole_Hicks followers and follow everyone she follows. Many of them will follow back quickly when they see you are friends with her.
• Promoting others builds social media cred. When someone says something worth repeating, retweet (RT) their post by copying it and including an RT at beginning of post.
• You are allowed 140 characters per post, but if you have info that may be retweeted, only use 130 to allow someone opportunity to RT.
• Use Twitter to drive traffic to your Facebook page or blog. Most URL’s are too lengthy. Use a shortner tool like (the website is just and does not have a dot com at the end)
• Budget your time. SM can be a time sink.
• Use a free tool like TweetDeck or Hootsuite to manage your tweets and save time.

DO NOT set up auto-responses to new followers or you will receive this from me:

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7 Steps to Creating an Online Community

Saturday I had the pleasure of teaching a group of students, parents, teachers and faculty from the Miamisburg Christian Academy an introductory session on Social Media. The age range in the group seemed to be about 15 to 50 (plus!). Quite honestly, I didn’t know what I was going in to. I had no idea how many of the group were proficient in social media and how many were novices. I am very comfortable teaching in a corporate environment but this was brand new territory.

1. Create a vision. In this case, I pressed them to answer the following question: “What will it look like six months from now if you find yourself very pleased and excited about your social media spaces…what is happening on your Facebook page, your Twitter page…how do you feel about what is happening?” What is your vision for how the online social aspect syncs with the offline social aspect?
2. Make sure you go all the way around the room and get input from the people who are being shy and reserved. Often, they say the most profound things. It was true in this case.
3. Make sure everyone in the group acknowledges who will be the Community Manager. The CM needs help and input, but ultimately they have to drive the ship.
4. Get buy-in from everyone in the group to support and give content to the CM.
5. Be open to the possibility of creating vertical spaces for different age groups or special interests. For example, we went into this thinking about one space on FB, one on Twitter and so on. As the meeting went on, excitement was generated around the idea of creating a uniquely separate space for the students. Why not a special FB page for the Art Department?
6. Walk away. After I saw the excitement levels building, I stepped away and let them talk without me there facilitating (a brilliant move on my part).
7. Give homework and set a date for follow-up. If you don’t establish dates and assignments, the momentum is likely to flatten.

I wish the event had been video-taped. It was electrifying, exciting, energizing. I think the most fun I had was recognizing and revealing that the students are going to be the ones who will rise up and champion the way. I suggested to the parents/teachers/faculty that instead of banishing the use of mobile devices, we have a space during the week — Friday at lunch for example — when we encourage and allow students to text, with guidelines of course. Why not give them a little room to be teenagers. They LOVE to text. Why fight change? Why not work along side them and use technology for good. One person suggested that we create a Facebook page designated JUST for the students. Cheers erupted from the two students who were present.

On the other end of the age spectrum, the adults in the room who were not as comfortable with technology as the younger people were clearly moved and inspired by what they saw and heard. At one point, U! Creative’s President, Ron Campbell, jumped up on a railing and took the photo you see above. Within seconds, it was downloaded and visible in the Facebook stream of one of the attendees. Most of us in social media are used to this kind of happening but it is still a joy to watch the faces of people who are being exposed for the first time.

Stay tuned. Keep an eye on this small, private Christian school. It will truly be interesting to see what they do with the new tools and methods of communication. I see a case study in the making!

MCA on Facebook
MCA on Twitter

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Oh! Social has a DREAM! Listen up Business or Brand Owners!

We have a dream…and it’s a BIG one. One day every brand, every company, every business will have a designated Community Manager or a team of managers!

We tell our clients that we highly recommend launching a corporate blog that is updated daily, weekly, or even monthly. We know: It is difficult enough for a business to wrap their arms around how to fit in time to manage a Twitter & Facebook feed…create a two-way conversation with their clients…AND maintain a blog.

Over the past couple of weeks, two local Dayton businesses have said YES to social media and have launched into the social media space. However, good looking logos, having some followers and an occasional industry-related post is NOT enough. You have to appoint someone, or several people to manage these streams almost full-time. This is what the social media expects. It will be interesting to watch and see how well these local Dayton companies rise to the occasion. (They are our clients so we will be cheering them on!) — 252 West Salon & MedSpa AND MyPilatesStudio.

If you happen to visit either of these wonderful places, please be sure to mention you heard about them via social media!

Have you thought about this: Next time a position at your company opens up, include COMMUNICATIONS skills as part of the skills set for the job. Make sure the person is fluent in social media, blogging (make sure they HAVE a blog), Twitter and Facebook. Have they ever hosted a podcast on BlogTalkRadio? Do they host events on LinkedIn and attend social functions? Hint:

We are coming to the conclusion that one day, every company, every entity, every brand will have a community leader or leaders. This person must not only interact and engage with the customers/clients in the community, but they will create communication flow within the company itself.

What do you think?

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SOBCon2010 – The People Who Have Made a Difference For Me

Let me just lay it all out on the table. I want to attend SOBCon2010 with all my heart. However, being in the start-up phase of owning my own business — Oh! Social — the funds just are not available. So, in the hopes that my entry is chosen and that my trip will be fully funded, I am setting out to write a blog post about people who have made a difference in my life. I am so very blessed with a strong network of support.

Dr. Greg Goffe — Goffe Chiropractic
Less than six months ago, I found out I had breast cancer and had to undergo two surgeries within a 30-day time span. This situation turned my life upside down. The day before I got the first test results telling me I had cancer, I remember visiting my chiropractor, Dr. Goffe, for an adjustment. He asked me if I knew the results yet. I told him I did not know yet and said: Dr. Goffe, if they tell me I have cancer, I am going to completely reinvent my life! I’m going to choose what I eat more carefully, exercise regularly, and eliminate stress…I’m going to start my own company and be my own boss. I’m going to start living fully. Without blinking, he looked straight into my eyes and said, “No matter if you find out you have cancer or not, THAT IS THE LIFESTYLE YOU SHOULD CREATE!” This truth is what I already knew deep inside, but having someone that I trusted and respected say this to me, was just the extra push I needed to take a leap of faith. The very next day I handed in my resignation at my full-time job and began the journey of creating my own business — Oh! Social.

Liz Strauss
Okay, I know what you’re thinking. I’m blowing smoke up Liz’s skirt in hopes that this will somehow sweeten the deal. This is not the case. When people ask me how I got the courage and inspiration to start my own company, I always point back to the day I collided with Liz Strauss on Twitter. When I met her online and began chatting informally with her, I had no idea what a big deal she is/was. I was just a newbie on Twitter and Liz came along side me…told me my voice was unique and valuable…she said she saw something special in me…she warned against trying to be/sound like someone else. To top it all off, she asked if she could feature my blog on HER blog. She believed in me before I started waking up and started believing in myself.

Debba Haupert
Debba is the founder of one of the most successful online communities I am aware of — Debba and I had met and became friends many years ago, before Facebook and Twitter became a thing. We lost touch but found each other again online which has blossomed into a IRL (in real life) friendship again. We traveled to both Blissdom and BlogHer in 2009 and shared hotel rooms and transportation. She has been a powerful influence and mentor. She’s seen me take risks, make mistakes, fall on my face…in summary, like any good girlfriend she has seen the good and the bad but she continues to focus on my better qualities and celebrated those. Everyone needs a Debba in their life.

Daniel Johnson, Jr.
Daniel Johnson is my friend. He is also the founder of New Media Cincinnati — Cincy’s most vibrant and fun social networking group. Last summer I asked Dan if he would mind if I started a group here in Dayton called New Media Dayton and pattern it after his group. Dan is very big-hearted and kind, and of course said yes. He has been such a wonderful encourager and supporter of my group launch. Thanks to his stepping out and creating community in Cincy, I’ve replicated this model in Dayton and our group is growing and blossoming which is really helping the Dayton social media community to come alive!

And, last but SO NOT LEAST…the many, many people who I’ve met at conferences this past year: Blissdom, BlogHer and SummitUp. Here are pics of a few of the many people who have fed into my life and encouraged me to live life to the fullest!

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Twitter Basics — What is a Hashtag Campaign?

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